CINOC Executive Board

3-12 person

The executive board provides leadership in: 1) developing and promoting the vision and; 2) setting goals for the extension of the kingdom of God through Churches or Ministry.

The role of the executive board is to provide leadership, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for the entire Church or Ministry structure and processes. This is done through the process of governance. The executive board designs its own governance policies, creates the strategic plan and monitors the outcomes. It also delegates management authority to the executive director, monitors the present performance and measures results.

The main focus of the board is that of strategic planning. The basic strategic questions for the board of the Church or Ministry to answer is, “What ministries shall the Church or Ministry deliver, to which people in what places and in what order of priority?”

Volunteer with CINOC

CINOC is looking for committed, qualified Christ-followers from its CINOC family to serve on several committees, boards and at CINOC’s office and events. If you would like to volunteer, or nominate someone to serve on a committee or a board, please submit your nominations electronically.