Fresh Expressions

We are very excited that you are exploring the area of church planting with Canadian International Network of Churches. We believe we are invited to join in what God is already doing in the neighborhoods and communities. Here you will find some direction to church planters and churches exploring church planting.

There are four seasons that we want to identify and pay attention to throughout the planting process:

  • Season of exploring
    What Church Planting with the CINOC could look like
  • Season of discerning
    If a church and planter (team) is ready & equipped to plant
  • Season of developing
    The tools & expertise to plant
  • Season of implementing
    Strategic directions & ope-rationalizing ideas

We recognize that church planting is a wonderful intersection between the calling of individuals and the needs of people.  It is an intersection of developing a vision with the realities of challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, church planting is an intersection between God’s invitation to new life and the mission lived out in the lives of people.

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It’s no surprise that the Canadian religious landscape is changing. The latest statistics from multiple sources are telling us of the increase in the number of “nones” and “dones” in Canada.